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Veniz XR uses and side effects

Veniz XR is a brand of Venlafaxine extended release preparation manufactured by Sun pharmaceuticals, India. Venlafaxine is an SNRI (Selective serotonin and Noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor) medication prescribed for depression, anxiety disorders, and nerve pain.

Uses of Veniz XR

This medication is primarily prescribed for depressive disorder. According to recent clinical trials it is found marginally more effective than Fluoxetine (Prodep™ / Prozac™). Therefore, it is commonly prescribed for resistant depression.

Veniz XR 75mg tablets

Depression is characterized by persistent low mood, inability to work due to lack of energy and inability to experience pleasure. In addition, patients with depression is at risk of committing suicide.
In addition, this medication is prescribed for Anxiety disorders such as social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Artists depiction of Clinical Depression

Social phobia is characterized by persistent fear of negative evaluation of self by others and severe anxiety in social situations. e.g parties.

Panic disorder is characterized by sudden out of the blue anxiety attacks which results in fear of dying, breathlessness and chest/ muscle pain.

Panic attack

Generalised anxiety disorder is characterized by persistent anxiety and worries that impair functioning.

This medication also prescribed for nerve pain. Nerve pain is caused by damage or destruction of a pheripheral nerve. Common example would be phantom limb pain in amputees. In addition, this medication is also effective in nerve pain associated with Herpes Zoster (Shingles) infection.

Dosage and use of this medication

This medication is available as extended release capsules. Extended release preparations usually taken less frequently than their normal release preparations. E.g. Veniz XR is usually taken once daily and Veniz normal preparation taken twice daily. Usually dose range is around 37.5mg to 375mg daily. To prevent side effects take this medication with meals. Do not remove capsule or do not take the medication when the capsule is broken. Take this medication with a full glass of water.

Veniz 75mg capsules

If you experience side effects (Mentioned below), tell your doctor and do not stop this medication on your own (Unless in a medical emergency).

Tell your doctor if you have following conditions, before getting prescription

1.       Any heart disease
2.       High blood pressure
3.       High cholesterol
4.       Any liver disease
5.       Any kidney disease
6.       Bipolar disorder
7.       Bleeding problems
8.       Eye problems (Poor vision, glaucoma)

Increased blood pressure is a common side effect - Pic Wikimedia

Side effects of Veniz XR

Most commons side effects are nausea, gastritis, and dizziness. These side effects can be minimized by taking according to the above paragraph.

Take with full glass of water to minimize side effects - Pic - Deviant art

This medication can cause initial increase in anxiety when prescribed. But it is usually short lasting and wanes off after some time.

Another significant side effect is sexual dysfunction. It is manifested as both reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Since depression and other psychiatry problems can also cause sexual dysfunction overall outcome would be the balance of both.

It can increase blood pressure in some people, therefore you need to tell your doctor if you are having high blood pressure or heart problems. In addition, this medication is known to cause heart beat irregularities, especially at higher doses.

In addition, Veniz XR is known to cause following side effects.

1.       Constipation
2.       Yawning
3.       Dry mouth
4.       Headache
5.       Reduced sleep
6.       Abnormal dreams
7.       Sexual problems
8.       Excessive Sweating
9.       Mania
10.   Agitation
11.   Incoordination

Veniz XR is an extended release medication in SNRI category and its generic name is Venlafaxine. It is prescribed for major depression, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and social phobia. Main side effects are gastric disturbances and problematic side effects are increased blood pressure and sexual dysfunction.

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