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Problems associated with Lithosun (Lithium carbonate) therapy

Lithosun is a brand name of Lithium carbonate. It is a medication prescribed for bipolar disorder and resistant depression. However it can cause various toxic effects and side effects. Since it is a toxic chemical there are many problems associated with it.

Problems related to medications can be classified as relative and absolute. In absolute, the treatment should not be commenced for reason. But in relative, the treatment can be commenced after weighing the risks and benefits by an expert in the field. Most of the problems in Lithosun therapy are in the relative type.

What are the conditions, Lithosun is prescribed?

Lithosun is considered as a mood stabilizer, where it prevents mood swings (mania to depression and vice versa) of the bipolar disorder.

In addition Lithosun is prescribed in resistant depression. It is used to augment the effects of anti-depressant medications. Some psychiatrists use this medication to treat resistant schizophrenia as well.

Lithosun acts by a complex mechanism, which is not fully understood. It is thought that Lithosun acts by changing various complex neurotransmitters.

What are the Problems associated?

Severe hypothyroidism

Lithosun is known to reduce the thyroid gland function. So doctors will not usually prescribe Lithosun to severe hypothyroidism patients. However it can be prescribed to people with mild to moderate hypothyroidism. Here thyroxin hormone is co prescribed with Lithosun. In addition patients should monitor there thyroid function levels during the therapy.

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Severe renal failure

Lithosun is excreted from the kidneys. So in renal (kidney) failure, Lithosun accumulates inside the body. So it can lead to Lithosun toxicity. However Lithosun can be given very cautiously in mild to moderate renal impairment. In addition Lithosun can itself cause renal impairment, so renal functions should be checked during Lithosun treatment.

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Heart disease

Lithosun can cause several electrocardiogram changes that may cause confusion with existing cardiac problems. In addition Lithosun is usually not given to patients with severe heart failure.
In addition Lithosun is also used very cautiously in sodium metabolism problems such as Addison’s and Conn's disease.

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Lithosun is known to cause cardiac problems in an unborn child. There are documented cases of cardiac anomalies (Epstein anomaly), so most doctors will change this medication to something else during pregnancy. So if you happened to get pregnant while on Lithosun then you must inform your doctor immediately.


Lithosun should not be used in breast feeding. So patients are usually advised to bottle feed there babies.

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Lithosun is an essential drug in bipolar disorder treatment. However, due to the toxicity it is not used in many co existing conditions.

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