Thursday, August 16, 2012

Glumet for the use of weight gain and menstrual problems due to anti psychotics

Glumet is a popular anti diabetic medication. It’s generic name is called Metformin. It is defined as the most popular insulin sensitizer. Use of Glumet is associated with reduction in overall cardiovascular complications in diabetes. In addition, it is used in poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD). In PCOD, it restores menstruation.

Anti-psychotics medications are notorious for their metabolic and endocrine side effects. Especially, second generation anti psychotics such as Olanzapine and Clozapine are known to cause significant weight gain. In addition, Risperidone is notorious for causing menstrual problems such as complete stopping of menstruation. These side effects are common cause for non-adherence of anti-psychotic medications.

Glumet can be used in to treat weight gain associated with Antipsychotics 

Recently concluded randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial conducted in china shows evidence for using Glumet in Anti-psychotic induced amenorrhea and weight gain. They compared two groups of women who experienced amenorrhea after antipsychotic treatment. One group was given Glumet 1g per day and other group was given a placebo (dummy medication similar to Glumet in external appearance).

They followed up them for six months. Menstruation was restored in 66% of women (28 women) after six months in Glumet group. Only two women experienced restoration of menstruation placebo group. This is the first study that detected restoration of menstruation after Glumet therapy in patients with antipsychotic induced amenorrhea.

Common Antipsychotics side effects including weight gain : Courtesy  Dr. Stephen M. Stahl. 

In addition, there is significant reduction in body weight and body mass index in Glumet arm of the study.

Most studies that were conducted prior to this also confirm the positive effect of Glumet in anti-psychotic induced weight gain. However, most studies suffer from small sample size. Therefore, studies with larger sample size are needed to conclude Glumet can be used in weight gain associated with anti-psychotic treatment.

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