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What are Topirol uses and side effects?

Topirol is a medication manufactured by Sun pharmaceutical company, India. Its Generic Name is Topiramate.

Topirol is a medication prescribed for epilepsy and prevention of migraine. This drug is also used as a mood stabilizer in certain hospitals. One of the main problems with this drug is increased risk of suicide and angle closure gluocoma (increased pressure in the eye).
Topirol 50mg Tablets

 Topirol blocks voltage dependant sodium channels, increase the activity of GABA, blocks NMDA receptors and inhibits the enzyme carbonic anhydrase. These effects decreases nerve impulse transmission and prevent seizures.

 This medication is available as tablets. Tablets should be taken as a whole without crushing and should be taken with a full glass of water to minimize side effects. Patients should drink enough water during the therapy as well. Otherwise this medication is known to cause kidney stones. Topirol should be taken exactly as directed by the doctor. Abrupt withdrawal of this drug can have problems. Patient should not take alcoholic beverages during therapy.

 Use in epilepsy

This medication is prescribed for partial and generalized epilepsies. In partial epilepsy patient gets a seizure in a part of the body. In generalized epilepsy, patients whole body is involved in the seizure. This medication can be combined with other seizure medications like sodium valproate. It is used in adults as well in children.

 Use in migraine

This medication is prescribed for long term prevention of migraine attacks. Several studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in this condition. But Topirol cannot be used to treat a migraine attack.
 Some psychiatrists use this drug in bipolar affective disorder to stabilize the patients mood. But no proper clinical trials have been conducted so far, in this regard.

 The doctor needs patient’s complete medical history including over the counter medications he/she is taking, before prescribing Topiramate. If the patient is having kidney problems or liver problems it is very important to discuss that with the doctor, before taking Topiramate. If the patient is pregnant or planning to get pregnant, then the patient should discuss that with the doctor as well. The doctor should know whether the patient is having any psychiatric illnesses including depression. This medication can increase the risk of suicide in susceptible individuals.

In addition, Topirol is used in treatment of alcohol dependence as an anti craving medication.

 Common side effects
One of the main side effect of Topirol is cognitive impairment. It can cause learning disability in children.
Nausea, gastric irritation, diarrhea and dry mouth are the commonest side effects. Some patients can get taste disturbance, weight loss and loss of appetite. This medication does not cause weight gain, unlike other antiepileptic drugs. This medication also causes headache and numbness.This medication also causes drowsiness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, impaired memory and concentration.

 Very rarely this medication can cause reduced sweating in children. This medication secretes into the breast milk. So this drug should not be taken in breast feeding.


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