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Uses and side effects of Sizodon

Sizodon is a brand of Risperidone manufactured by the Sun Pharma, India. It is an atypical antipsychotic medication prescribed primarily for Schizophrenia, Delusional disorder and Bipolar disorder. Main notable side effects of Sizodon are movement problem called acute dystonia and drug induced Parkinsonism.

Uses of Sizodon

Sizodon is prescribed primarily for psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar mania and delusional disorder. In addition, it is prescribed for acute and transient psychotic disorders. It is available as tablets and usual dose range is 0.5mg to 16mg. But it is usually prescribed in the range 2mg – 8mg.

Sizodon 1mg tablets

Sizodon 2mg tablets

Schizophrenia is a psychiatry disorder characterized by delusions and hallucinations. Delusions are strongly held beliefs that are culturally unacceptable and not amenable to logical arguments. Hallucinations are perceptions (sounds, visions and sensations) without a stimulus (e.g hearing voices when nobody is talking). It is found scientifically, that patients with schizophrenia experience above symptoms due to abnormalities in their brain chemistry.

Artists Depiction of Schizophrenia

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder where the patients experience extreme mood swings. They sometime become severely depressed with ideas of worthlessness, having inability to experience pleasure, and hopelessness. Some patients commit suicide when the depression overwhelms them. In addition, at other times they have normal mood and sometimes get very high elevation of mood. At the time of elevation of mood they can become destructive, over spend their money and have sexual misadventures.

Having both happy and sad moods in Bipolar disorder

Sizodon is especially effective in the mood elevated phase or the manic phase. In addition, it has some mood stabilizing properties. Therefore, some doctors prescribe it after their manic phase.
This medication is also prescribed in Delusional disorder. It is a disorder characterized by persisting delusions. Common example of Delusional disorder is morbid jealousy. Here the person suspects his/her sexual partner fidelity without any adequate evidence.

Side effects of Sizodon

Sizodon is an antipsychotic medication and it shares side effects of other anti psychotics. Most common side effects are nausea, gastric upset and drowsiness. They are common to most of western medications.

Most notable side effects are movement problems named acute dystonia and drug induced Parkinsonism. Acute dystonia occurs within hours of taking the medication and Parkinsonism occur within days of taking it. These side effects are common in higher doses of the medication (Usually more than 4mg).

It can cause restlessness in legs and the person gets a feeling that he need to continue to move. It is very distressing symptom and if you get this symptom, you need to meet your doctor.
These movement related side effects are described in the following post.

In addition, Sizodon is known to aggravate glaucoma, cause acute urine retention, cause constipation and male erectile dysfunction. It is also causes menstrual problems in women. Some people experience severe drowsiness and sedation.

Sexual dysfunction is a common cause for discontinuation of medication. It can be addressed by doctors. 

Some people would experience weight gain, increased blood sugar and increased blood lipid levels with this medication. It is called metabolic syndrome.

A list of common side effects

  1. Anxiety
  2. Changes in vision, including blurred vision
  3. Difficulty concentrating
  4. Difficulty speaking or swallowing
  5. Inability to move the eyes
  6. Loss of balance and control
  7. Mask like face
  8. Memory problems
  9. Muscle spasms of face, neck, and back
  10. Problems with urination
  11. Need to keep moving the legs
  12. Shuffling walk
  13. Skin rash or itching
  14. Stiffness or weakness of the arms or legs
  15. Tic-like or twitching movements
  16. Trembling & shaking of the fingers/hands
  17. Trouble sleeping
  18. Twisting like body movements

How to minimize side effects

You should take the dose recommended by your doctor. You should also take the medication with a full glass of water. Take the medication after a meal. In addition, never crush the medication before taking it. If you experience abnormal movements, inability to keep still (constantly in need of moving the legs) or drooling of saliva or severe constipation then you need to meet your doctor again.

Sometimes your doctor would prescribe medications that would alleviate or prevent you from getting side effects. Common such medication is Benzhexol (or Trihexyphenidyl).

What are the rare but dangerous side effects?

Most significant dangerous side effect would be neuroleptic malignant syndrome. It is characterized by fever, muscle rigidity, confusion and can cause multi organ failure. It is a serious complication of all the antipsychotic medications including Sizodon.

Symptoms of Neuroleptic malignant syndrome  


Sizodon is an antipsychotic medication called risperidone. It is prescribed for schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. Main side effects are movement abnormalities called acute dystonic reaction and drug induced parkinsonism.

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