Friday, June 21, 2013

Why some children refuses toilet and how to manage it?

Toilet training is usually achieved at the age of two and half years. However, some children can have problems with elimination even they have achieved toilet training. This is common when children are in unfamiliar environments. However, it is usually settles with time.

Some children can have persisting problems with elimination. One of the most common reasons for such problems is fear.

What are the common fears children have with regards to toilets?

One of the commonest types is the fear of falling into the toilet pit. Another common fear is whether child would suck into the toilet pit when flushing.

When such a fear is identified, covering the toilet except for adequate hole that will allow passing stools will help. If the child could put his/her foot on the ground while eliminating, then it will increase the confidence in them while using the toilet.

What are other reasons that would causes of refusal?

Children will usually refuse dirty toilets. In addition, some children will not like the coldness of the ceramic. Therefore, putting wooden cover or putting on some toilet paper would help. 

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