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Uses and side effects of Anxit tablets

Anxit is an Indian brand name of Generic Alprazolam manufactured by Micro pharmaceuticals. It is prescribed for anxiety disorders and in sleep problems. At lower doses it is helpful in reducing anxiety while causing minimal drowsiness. Most common side effects are drowsiness, fatigue and addiction. This medication can be habit forming in long term use. 

Anxit tablets

Uses of Anxit tablets

This tablet is primarily used to treat anxiety. At 0.25mg thrice a day, it is effective in treating sudden anxiety. It is helpful for people who experience anxiety in social situations such as social phobia. In addition, it is helpful in treating sudden panic attacks. However, it is not recommended to long term use in panic attacks.

In addition to above uses it can be used in treating epilepsy. However, it is rarely used for this purpose. 

This medication is used primarily to reduce anxiety

Dose range and use of Anxit tablets

This medication comes in 0.25mg and 0.5 tablets. Usually it is used thrice a day. It should not be crushed before use as it will increase the side effects. In addition, it should be taken with full glass of water.

This medication should not be used as a long term anti-anxiety medication. It is because it has habit forming properties and it can cause adverse effects upon discontinuation. In addition, in long term use some people may need increasing doses to get the same effect. So it is advisable to take it short term (Usually less than 3 months).

Common side effects

This medication is known to cause sedation and drowsiness. It can interfere with operating machinery and driving. Therefore, it is very important not to operate machinery or drive while on this medication. In addition, please state your occupation before getting the prescription from your doctor.
This medication interfere with normal sleep pattern. Therefore, some people may not experience natural sleep while on this medication. They may not feel refreshed following sleep.

This medication can cause problems with operating machinery

Some people may get suicidal ideation and this medication is known to precipitate depressive episodes. Other common side effects are impairment in memory, confusion, and fatigue. Confusion is much more common among elderly people who takes this medication.

This medication can interfere with driving

List of common side effects of Anxit tablets

1.       Sedation
2.       Drowsiness
3.       Dizziness
4.       Loss of quality sleep
5.       Depression
6.       Disinhibition
7.       Aggression
8.       Memory impairment
9.       Confusion
10.    Fatigue

Rare side effects of Anxit tablets

1.       Sexual difficulties
2.       Allergic reactions
3.       Headache
4.       Difficulty in walking

You need to discuss following information with your doctor before getting prescription

1.       Kidney disease
2.       Pregnancy status
3.       Breastfeeding
4.       Liver disease
5.       Breathing problem such as Asthma
6.       Clinical depression
7.       Myasthenia gravis


Anxit is a prescription only benzodiazepine class medication. Its generic name is Alprazolam. It is prescribed in Anxiety disorders and prescribed to induce sleep as well. Its main side effects are sedation, drowsiness, confusion and memory impairment.

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