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Uses and side effects of Citopam tablets

Citopam is an Indian brand name of Citalopram. It is a SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) class medication. Citopam is commonly prescribed for major depression, anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

Uses of Citopam

This is primarily prescribed for major depression. In addition, it is prescribed for anxiety disorders. Depression is characterized by persistent (more than two weeks) low mood, lack of energy, and inability to feel happiness. Citopam is given in moderate to severe forms of depression, but it is generally not recommended for mild depressive disorder. In addition, it is also not recommended in normal bereavement and grief.
Citopam 10mg tablets

Citopam is effective in treating anxiety disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and social phobia. It is specifically indicated for panic disorder. Panic disorder is characterized by episodes of sudden out of the blue severe anxiety. In social phobia the person is overwhelmed by anxiety in social situations.

Depression can be treated with Citopam

Common Side effects of Citopam

This medication is a SSRI class medication. Therefore all side effects of medications in this class apply to this medication. These are the common side effects of SSRI medications.

1.       Nausea
2.       Heartburn
3.       Poor sleep
4.       Loose stools
5.       Headache
6.       Weight loss
7.       Loss of appetite
8.       Sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is one of the troublesome side effect of Citopam

Rare side effects of Citopam

1.       Allergic reactions : Hives, edema of the lips and anaphylaxis
2.       Increased anxiety at the initial period of treatment, which usually settles after sometime.
3.       Mania: Other extreme of depression. Therefore, it is given carefully to patients with Bipolar  affective disorder
4.       Can cause occasional reduction of blood sodium level
5.       Serotonin syndrome: A very rare serious side effect associated with SSRI treatment. It is characterized by fever, muscle rigidity and tremors.
6.       Increased risk of bleeding.

In addition to the above side effects, Citopam specifically causes following side effects.

1.       Reduced heart rate and heart problems
2.       Yawning
3.       Impaired concentration

For most of the people above side effects settles with time.

However, one of the annoying side effect is Sexual dysfunction. It makes people to discontinue medication without seeing their doctor. They are erectile dysfunction in men and lack of sexual desire in women. Since depression can also cause sexual side effects, net effect of the sexual function may be favorable for patients with depression.

Most people tolerate above side effects.  

How Citopam is prescribed

Citopam is available as tablets. Usual dose range is 10mg to 40mg. It should be taken as a whole tablet without crushing as it will increase side effects. It should be taken immediately after a meal to minimize stomach side effects.

When it is prescribed your doctor should know whether you have,

1.       Bipolar affective disorder
2.       Liver problems
3.       Kidney problems
4.       Heart problems
5.       Bleeding problems
6.       Chronic gastritis

Citopam is a SSRI class medication prescribed for depression, panic and other anxiety disorders. Its most common side effect are heartburn, nausea and headache. However, compared to other antidepressants, this medication is well tolerated among patients.

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