Saturday, October 29, 2011

Relationship of Alcohol and mania (Bipolar disorder)

Mania is a one end of bipolar affective disorder (It is characterized by shifts between mania and depression.). Mania is characterized by elevated mood, increased energy, increased spending, increased talkativeness and increased pressure of thoughts. In the severe form it can cause grandiose delusions and  auditory hallucinations.

Alcoholism and mania (Bipolar disorder) can co exist, because of the possibility of sharing common genes.

In addition, alcoholism can complicate preexisting bipolar mania. Abuse of alcohol can make the condition, difficult to treat. In addition, patients with mania is known to have social and emotional disinhibition. This make it hard to stop alcohol in a patient with bipolar disorder.

Alcohol is also known to cause or precipitate bipolar affective disorder. Therefore, alcoholism and bipolar disorder creates a viscous cycle that lower the prognosis of both conditions (Alcoholism and Bipolar disorder).

A person with both problems need to take drugs to control his/her bipolar disorder and take steps to stop alcoholism at the same time. Theses patients need lot of help from his/her family and the healthcare provider.

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